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Slot 10-12 on 5500 don't work

The other day I upgraded my 5000 to a 5500. Everything was working fine until I put a 24 port in slot 10. Card did not work. Moved it to slot 4. Works fine. Take working card from slot 5 and tried it in slot 10. Won't work. Tried slot 11, no go. Returned to slot 5, works fine. Various other test fail when in slot 10,11 or 12 but work fine in slot 2-9. Any guesses as to what is wrong? Sup mod is a SupIIIG. Thanks!


Re: Slot 10-12 on 5500 don't work

these slots are reserved for use with ATM modules

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Re: Slot 10-12 on 5500 don't work

Not true. Slot's 10-12 also have ATM back plane but also has connections to regular backplane bus C

So I suggest that you open a TAC case to troubleshoot

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Re: Slot 10-12 on 5500 don't work

Well, I would do that except that the customer has yet to heed my advice and get a support contract. FWIW, I tried putting the SupIIIG into slot 2 to see if that made a difference and it did not.

Interestingly enough, I did look at the backplane and noticed that there are 2 clock daughter cards. Each one has 3 led's. The top one had two led's lit and the bottom one had one lit. Neither one had the failed led lit. I'm wondering if the second clock card should have 2 led's lit?


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