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Slow data transfer on Macintoshs....

We are experiencing a slow down in data transfer at 1 segment of our Lan in one of our Schools. This slowdown is occuring with our Macintosh computers in this area. We are running Catalyst 2948G Switches in the whole school. If I take one of our Mac's, an Imac from this trouble spot to another area of the school which is also being fed by a Catalyst 2948G Switch it is much faster. Take it back and its is slow again. These switches are linked by fiber optic cables. We have tried different switches at this area with no difference.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Slow data transfer on Macintoshs....

I doubt this has anything to do with the machines being Mac 9Unless you are running something other than TCP/IP on the links). Just to verify, have you checked the speeds with a different machine? (unix, windows, etc). I would start checking switch utilization and port utilization to verify that you just arent reaching a capacity on this switch. One more thing, might want to check and make sure Macintosh doesnt do anything goofy with MTU....just a thought


Re: Slow data transfer on Macintoshs....

Also make sure you are not seeing any errors on the port . Compare port and speed and duplex settings , if running full duplex you should very little to no errors at all on the switch ports . You can try doing ping tests from the switch down to the end stations and see if everything looks normal . If you are running 6 train code the os has IOS type ping where you can vary the size of the packets .

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