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Slow Frame relay

What is it that i am looking at when i log into a cisco 1700 router encapsulated for frame relay. I see lots of errors that i am not understanding. Such as out put errors, Frame and other such things that appear when i do a Sh int s0 i dont know what it is that these are each explaining. If some one is able to help me i would greatly appreciate it and i will be more then helpfull to better explain if needed. Im sorry but im working my way to become CCNA. thanks

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Re: Slow Frame relay

I very much doubt this is the forum to answer your question, as it is rather vague and lacks any form of detail.

I would humbly suggest that you do a course on Frame Relay, or buy some technical books on Frame Relay... or make the Cisco Documentation CD your bed-time reading activity.

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Re: Slow Frame relay

I must agree with my curt and unhelpful colleague about needing background knowledge on FR. However until you get it this problem isn't going to magically go away soooo:

Check the encapsulation

check the LMI type (should match upstream provider)

make sure the interface isn't looped (sounds like it's passing *some* traffic so it shouldn't be)

make sure the interface sends keepalives

if you're using Frame relay inverse-arp maybe configure map statements

check dlci number if you use subinterfaces

Hope that helps

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Re: Slow Frame relay


This link is for troubleshooting serial problems in general, not necessarily Frame Relay. It should help you to decipher some of the different error types.

Here is a linke that has more info on Frame Relay than you ever wanted:



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