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Slow network connection on a 64K LL Leased Line


I've got a really slow connection on my network. I've got a 64K LL using a Cisco 1600R router. When I try to ping the IP address I hardly get a reply, and when I do it takes ages and there is a high quantity of packet loss. Trying to telnet into the router takes ages, and by the time I type the passwor, the telnet session times out!!

The LL seems to be maxing out, some sort of inbound traffic seems to flood the network. I have tried everything but the situation is still the same. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Slow network connection on a 64K LL Leased Line

If the traffic that is flooding your link is unwanted traffic (code red etc...), you'll need to talk to your ISP.

If the LL is private, and not an internet line, you'll need to determine who is sending the data and get them or throw up an access list on the other router.

If the problem is with errors, and not with traffic, you'll need to contact the telco that provided the LL.

Are you trying to telnet from the local ethernet side, or from accross the LL? Have you consoled directly into the router so that you can work on it? Things like debugging being left on or a modem connected to the aux/console port that is echoing can melt a router's CPU and cause it to be unresponsive.

There isn't enough information in your question to help much. Sorry.


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