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Small packets transfer

I have a T1 link trying tranfer a folder with multiple files with size between 5 to 30 KB, the total size of the folder is 600Mb a less. My problem is went i try tranfer a small folder with files size of 100 bytes to 700 bytes i loss the comunication with the router. I think the problem is the speed of the link and the size of the small packets. The small folder have a total of 5MB.


Re: Small packets transfer

I guess it's possible you could be saturating the router with too many packets. What model is it? Is CEF enabled? For how long do you lose communication to the router?

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Re: Small packets transfer

The model is a 1751, and yes, IP CEF is enable. Im losing the communication for a few second between 15 and 30 seconds.


Re: Small packets transfer

Try this:

-- transfer the files

-- telent into the router constantly, until you can get on

-- run show proc cpu

In the first couple of lines, there is a counter for the processor utilization, x/x. What are those two numbers? We need to start by looking at if the problem is processor utilization or interface utilization. From there, if it's processor utilization, we need to figure out if it's switching or process, and if it's interface problems, we need to figure out if you're overunning the interface, or something else is going on.



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Re: Small packets transfer

Try to enable "service nagle" on this router.

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