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sniffing tx from remote switchport

how do i span a switchport located within my network but is located at another IDF location? need to pull it back to the port that I'm plugged into on my 6509.


Re: sniffing tx from remote switchport

Hi Friend,

Not exactly sure which is IDF location but there is something as RSPAN which is remote span which you can configure in your network for monitoring remote ports.

Check this link for more details on RSPAN and usage guideline for conguration

Re: sniffing tx from remote switchport

PC---2/1 IDF 1/2 ---trunk---1/1 6509 2/1---sniffer


Console> (enable) set vlan 500 rspan

vlan 500 configuration successful

Console> (enable)

Console> (enable) show vlan

This example shows how to specify port2/1 as source ports for RSPAN VLAN 500:

Console> (enable) set rspan source 2/1 500

To configure RSPAN destination ports at the 6509, perform this task in privileged mode:

set rspan destination 2/1 500

All of the above is under the assumtion that the IDF is a switch that supports RSPAN and it's CatOS. Cat4k, 2948G, 2980G all running CatOS supports RSPAN.

2950 on up all that runs IOS all support RSPAN as well.

2950 RSPAN config guide:

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