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snmp and access list

Can I configure access -list via snmp? Can I add line of the same access-list via snmp? For example: I have:

access-list 10 permit

now I want to add this line via snmp to the access-list:

access-list 10 permit

Can I change order of lines in access-list via snmp?

Thaks for your help

New Member

Re: snmp and access list


You can configure SNMP access-list on your router so that no unauthorised person will be able to see your router config using SNMP tools even if he/she knew the SNMP community defined on your router.

Below is a small example :

access-list 10 permit

snmp-server community public read-only 10

snmp-server community private read-write 10

I hope this answers your query.



New Member

Re: snmp and access list

Thanks I know it. But my question was about configure access list by way of snmp. Can I give the command "access-list" and the snmp brings this command on the router? Can I give some new line of the same access-list on the router by means of snmp?


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Re: snmp and access list

From the Ciscoworks perspective, remember that it´s based on the IOS intelligence.

Since IOS doesn´t support incremental config changes, you just can´t throw a command line and have your ACL updated, but you can use CW tools like config editor, net config, or ACL manager, that will retrieve your running ACL statements so that you can resubmit your entire updates ACL set.

I hope this answers your question.


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