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SNMP Community Strings

Hi all,

How many community strings can be specified under CW2K -> Server Configuration -> Setup -> ANI Server Admin -> SNMP settings?

I've tried to specify 4 different lines but it doesn't work on all the devices; there's no discovery on all the devices on Campus Manager even the SNMP community strings are correct. The ANI Server cannot discover all the devices in the network (mostly are missing from the map) or marked the devices unreachable (a box with Question mark). FYI, it's only takes the first line, "public0" and all devices under this community strings are able to be discovered.





How should I put all these 4 different community strings in SNMP settings for ANI?

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Re: SNMP Community Strings

Campus Manager only uses the RO string for doing the discovery. Also have you checked to see that the devices which are showing up in the topolgy map as '?' are listed in the supported device list of Campus Manager?. You can have multiple strings defined under the ANI SNMP settings for discovery. You can add a combination of general and specific entries, but the ANI Server reads the community strings from most specific to least specific. Also make sure that you enter the correct number of colons between entries. If you incorrectly add or delete colons, the ANI Server cannot correctly read the community strings. If you enter duplicate community strings for the same device, the most specific community string is used.

Some additional useful related information including troubleshooting:

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Re: SNMP Community Strings

Let me restate what was said above. Since you have *.*.*.*, this will match every IP address, so the discovery process will not look any further. If you have different community strings, you must be more specific on IP addresses, and you cannot use a global wildcard.

Hope this helps.

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Re: SNMP Community Strings

You actually can use the global wildcard, you just can't use more than one global wildcard. What the ANI Server will do is look for the most specific entry so with the lines

*.*.*.*:public1::::::public1 will use public2 while all others will use public1. When you have two lines that are global wildcards, ANI will only use the first one and ignore the second. Either you have to specify each device seperately or somehow differentiate which devices should be tried with which strings, i.e.





The RME sychronization will put an entry for each device in RME. This may help if you have already specified the community strings in RME.


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