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SNMP inside a cluster

Does anybody know what is the exact SNMP mechanism inside Cat3500 cluster?

When cluster is created community strings public@es0 and private@es0 are added to cluster manager config and public@esn and private@esn are created in cluster n-member config.

But when does the manager use SNMP to communicate with the member? I was debugging SNMP while changing member config and getting member port statistics through CMS but no SNMP conversation appeared.

More: why would member switch use an SNMP access to the manager? Even with the write access?

Reading some documents on CCO I've got a feeling that these @esn community strings might not be used at all if the member switch has its own IP address.... Maybe I could delete them?

Does anybody have a detailed knowledge of SNMP communication inside switch cluster? Or do you know some document describing it?



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Re: SNMP inside a cluster

Re: SNMP inside a cluster


this helped a little.

I spent half a day by testing and the conclusion is: SNMP is not working in Cisco cluster the way described in the documentation, it is not working at all!!

I was not able to force the member switch to send any SNMP trap using @e1 string, neither the manager switch to send any SNMP packet to the member. No matter if the member switch has IP address configured or not.

So the only reasonable way of Cisco cluster config is to configure IP addresses on all member switches, delete @en strings from all configs, and use common community strings for direct communication with the management station.

More: AFAIK neither HP OV NNM nor CiscoWorks support Cisco clusters. The only remaining reason for using it is that via CMS you can see all the cluster devices at one browser window.



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