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I could really use some help on this one... I need to know how to configure SNMP on VLAN's, the host on these VLAN's also happen to be nated. From the bottom up here is the layout of the infrastructure; (2) 6509's w/mfsc cards& (2) 48 port blades all host hang from them. The 6509's are then connected to Nokia IP440's, each 6509 connects to it's own IP440 which is doing the NAT translation. The Nokias then connect to a distribution switch a Cisco 3512 which is in turn connected to the border routers (2) 7200's. Everything below the Nokia's is on a 10.x.x.x address space. The SNMP server sits above the Nokias on the distribution switch with a valid outside IP address. All routing is in place and everything works the way it should. My only problem is that I can not get any SNMP traffic from the VLAN's on the 6509's. I would greatly apreciate any and all help. Thanks in advance

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Re: SNMP on VLAN's

Check to ensure you have flawless layer 3 connectivity between stations within the VLAN and the SNMP NMS or monitoring station. As in, if you can telnet between the devices, you should be fine. Don’t use an intermediary stop like the MSFC, go to the station and ensure you have the connectivity expected.

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