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So many CISCOs, so little time...

Hi all.

Long time reader, first time poster.

I'm setting up our cage at our new datacentre here and I'm not sure what setup to use, in regards to switches/routers

Basically will have a 1Gigabit connection through a GBIC card.

I will have about 3 racks, each with a 2924XL switch. I want to link those 3 switches to a main switch "A" that will be connected to the router "B".

The network will host about 90 servers with variying traffic usage for colocation split up among the 2924XLs, so the "A" and "B" must be able to support large amounts of traffic simultaneously.

Also, is there equipment that can combine "A" and "B" into one? Like the Catalyst6500. That's what I have now and it's just not working, so I'm looking for something to replace it that is smaller, cheaper, and better suited for our needs.

I was looking at the 3500XL, can they act as routers too? Would love to hear your suggestions!

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Re: So many CISCOs, so little time...

You should look into the 3550 series of switches. They're ideal for a Teco/Service Provider environment., with 802.1Q tunneling capability, VLAN and Layer 3 QoS features.

Perhaps use the 3550-12G into 7400 series routers.(I myself wouldn't put all my switching and routing "eggs into one basket".)

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Re: So many CISCOs, so little time...

Yes ,with Cata3550-EMI you can do some dynamic Routing in you LAN.

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