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Solaris 8 and DFM - what special patches needed ?

The CLUBNETMAN Msg 3 (23 Nov 2001) - Enterprise ManagementNewsletter mentions a special DFM patch 'must be directly required' at Cisco.

I assume this means I must go and get a patch but it gives no more details.

Any ideas folks?


Re: Solaris 8 and DFM - what special patches needed ?

Solaris 8 is not listed as a Support OS platform in the DFM 1.1 Install Guide.

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Re: Solaris 8 and DFM - what special patches needed ?

I agree.

However, it's not the impression we have been given through the channel. According to the following newsletter extract, it says a CCO-acquired patch will be needed and that customers get the patches directly from Cisco employees.

CLUBNETMAN Msg 3 (23 Nov 2001) - Enterprise ManagementNewsletter

Raymond Cheng <>

2/ CiscoWorks and Solaris 8 support

Development engineering has finalized testing of CiscoWorks2000

applications on

Solaris 2.8 and there are no known OS-specific issues. However, customers


the products (Cisco LAN Management Solution,Cisco Routed WAN Management

Solution, Cisco Service Management Solution, Cisco Voice Manager, Cisco

VPN/Security Management Solution, Cisco VoIP Health Monitor 1.0) on

Solaris 2.8 will encounter the following WARNING message:

WARNING: OS Version 5.8 not supported.

WARNING: Results not guaranteed if installed on this version.

The customer is then asked whether he/she wants to continue with the


The warning messages are also recorded in the ciscoinstall.log file.

Due to the appearance of these error messages and the likely resultant TAC call

burden Cisco is not producing a product bulletin at this time announcing

support for

CiscoWorks2000 applications on Solaris 2.8. The intent is that customers

get informed of Solaris 2.8 support as well as the error messages and

required patches directly by Cisco employees

The following recommended Solaris patches should be installed to run

CiscoWorks2000 applications on Solaris 2.8:

Patch NoReadmeDescription

111626-01ReadmeOpenWindows 3.6.2: Xview Patch

111363-01ReadmeSunOS 5.8: /usr/sbin/installf patch

111327-02ReadmeSunOS 5.8: libsocket patch

110951-01ReadmeSunOS 5.8: /usr/sbin/tar and /usr/sbin/static/tar patch

110949-01ReadmeSunOS 5.8: /usr/sadm/install/bin/pkgremove patch

110945-02ReadmeSunOS 5.8: /usr/sbin/syslogd patch

110934-01ReadmeSunOS 5.8: pkgtrans, pkgadd, pkgchk and libpkg.a patch

110898-02ReadmeSunOS 5.8: csh/pfcsh patch

110700-01ReadmeSunOS 5.8: automount patch

110670-01ReadmeSunOS 5.8: usr/sbin/static/rcp patch

110662-02ReadmeSunOS 5.8: ksh patch

110615-01ReadmeSunOS 5.8: sendmail patch

110286-02Readme OpenWindows 3.6.2: Tooltalk patch

109742-04Readme SunOS 5.8: /kernel/drv/icmp patch

109326-05Readme SunOS 5.8:, in.named patch

109324-02Readme SunOS 5.8: sh/jsh/rsh/pfsh patch

109322-07Readme SunOS 5.8: libnsl patch

109279-13Readme SunOS 5.8: /kernel/drv/ip patch

109137-01Readme SunOS 5.8: /usr/sadm/install/bin/pkginstall patch

108991-13ReadmeSunOS 5.8: /usr/lib/ patch

108827-10Readme SunOS 5.8: libthread patch

108652-35Readme X11 6.4.1 Xsun patch

108528-09Readme SunOS 5.8: kernel update patch

Caveats for DFM and IPM:

For DFM to function properly a patch must be directly required at Cisco.

For IPM to function properly the Solaris patch 108940-07 or higher is

required in addition to the Solaris OS patches listed in the

"Workaround/Solution" section of this notice.


Re: Solaris 8 and DFM - what special patches needed ?

You need to contact this channel of yours how gave you this information for the support/patch then.

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Re: Solaris 8 and DFM - what special patches needed ?

You need to wait for 5th edition (i.e. LMS 2.1) due out in May.

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