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some Cisco 2620 secondary networks not seeing some routes

some of the hosts on various subinterfaces secondary address networks cannot see some addresses learned via EIGRP.

anybody have any idea what the heck is going on??? many thanks!

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Re: some Cisco 2620 secondary networks not seeing some routes


A bit more explanation would be helpful. Do you really mean that some hosts do not see addresses, or do you mean that the router to which the host is attached do not see the routes?

Perhaps you could explain the topology a bit more. I get the impression that you have a router with subinterfaces to be able to do inter-vlan routing and that some of the subinterfaces have secondary addresses. Can you verify or clarify this? Are all the connections on a single box or are multiple routers involved?

Can you tell us on the subinterfaces which network is primary and what network(s) are secondary? Perhaps it would be helpful if we could see the interrface configurations and the eigrp configuration.

One thing that causes many of the difficulties with secondary addressing and dynamic routing protocols like EIGRP is mismatching the primary and secondary roles (one interface has subnet A as primary and subnet B as secondary and some other interface has subnet B as primary and subnet A as secondary). Check to see if that is possibly the case in your configuration.



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