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Source Route Bridging/ Translational Bridging

Has anyone been able to source route bridge on a router with a single token ring interface? I want to bridge traffic between token ring and ethernet. My router 2612 has only one token ring card. What are my options? We are migrating to ethernet one step at a time. Basically this router will replace a bridge. Thx


Re: Source Route Bridging/ Translational Bridging

What kind of traffic requires Source Route? (SNA). What device hosts are you coming off of?

The attached shows you how to do it from a Token Ring environment to Ethernet. You need to set up your Source-bridge group and source bridge transparent statements. You need to keep in mind that in a Token Ring environment the bits are in a non-canonical format. In Ethernet they are canonical. ex. A MAc address in non-canonical form is 4000.A26A.8802 Translated to canonical form is 0200.4556.1140. This may seem clear as mudd, but it is a bit flipping process. So when you observe mac addresses in the Tomen Ring world you will see the 4000 macs and in Ethernet you will see the 0200 macs. You need to keep this in mind if you ever have to troubleshoot this.

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Re: Source Route Bridging/ Translational Bridging

I will try this configuration today. I will let you know if it works. Thx.

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