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SPAN InPkts issue

Hi, I have a strange situation about the span.

The scenario is that on a 6006, three span source ports are span to two span destination ports. There is communication traffic between the two span destination port. All the ports located on the same 6006.

source port 1 |------| destination port A----->Host A

source port 2 | 6006 |

source port 3 |------| destination port B----->Host B

It works fine normally. But randomly, after couple of weeks running, host A(B) can't communicate with host B(A). And in the same time, host A or host B can still communicate with other ports. We verify above situation with ping command on host A and B.

Can anyone give me a recommendation about the issue, or how to troubleshoot it?

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Re: SPAN InPkts issue

I would check the arp table on each host and the switch when this occurs next time and see if the correct mac address is there for Host A and B. Seems like it could be an arp problem related to the spanning, but that is just a guess. You also might not want to communicate on the same port you are using to span with, a second NIC on host A and B for network access would be a good idea. I usualy span without execpting input packets from the span destination.

Hope this helps

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