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span limitations info ?

Hello all

I have read through all the span documents within CCO and cannot find the information I think I remember reading about previously.

My question is..

I have a requirement to span 3 ports to 1 gig port on a 6509.

The 2 linecards involved are an 8 port gig card and a 48 port copper 10/100 card.

I am spanning port 3/5, 4/10-11 to port 3/8.

However I see a lot of 1/2 connections on my IDS which is not oversubsctibed or dropping packets.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that some cards could only monitor traffic originating from that card and was wondering if this is the case with the 8 port gig card in the 6500 series.

This would explain the 1/2 connections I am seeing.

Does anyone have any knowledge if this is the case. ?

Thanks in advance

Micheal Reynolds

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Re: span limitations info ?

I have used 8-port GigE card (ws-x6408a) in 6500s (CatOS) to span other ports w/o any problems.

There is a limitation with the 9-port GigE cards for the Cat 55xxs as you mention above, maybe that is what you have read.

What do you mean by 1/2 connections? Do you mean connections on port 1/2 or one-half connections?

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