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Spaning Tree Configuration and LAN performance

Hello,, there is a backbone of catalyst 5000 swicth, there are more than 15 vlans conigured in that backbone. Recently, I was looking for all stp configurations for each vlan, what i found was that not all switchs in the backbone(all 5 switchs are connected via trunk) has all vlans configured, i also have some problems in finding the root bridge for some vlans, even in one vlan there were 2 root bridge. the commands i used to find out the stp info were: sh spant (vlan #), sh spant summary. How can i find the root bridge for the remaining vlans?, isn´t neccesary that all switchs in the backbone has the same vlans configured?. Another doubth i have is that for some vlans the root bridge is a switch that has no ports connectad in that vlan, plus, the only switch in the backbnone that has ports connected to that vlan has a neighbor switch that has one port bloqued,, how much can i improve the performance of the switching network changing the root switch to the switch connected to the vlan???

Thanks ahead for all of your recommendations,,

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Re: Spaning Tree Configuration and LAN performance

You dont have to neccessarily have all VLANs in all your switches. Are using VTP? The following pages on CCO should help you with your STP issues

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