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spanning tree over wirless


I have got 2 switches at 2 different buildings.

I am running rapoid spanning tree over our primary laser and wirless as a backup.When i take the laser off it does not move over onto the secondary path within 280ms.It just timesout.

this is when I do it on our live switch.

If i test it on a empty switch with my laptop connected it works and it uses the alternative wirless poath without any loss of packets.

Only wehn I have lots of other devices p[atched into the switch does it not work.I can only ping all my switches from the other building over the wirless but nothing else.Everything is in vlan 1.

My config is very bare.I jusat have rapid spanning tree running and an interface vlan 1 for management with an ip address.Is it the wireless that is faulty or cannot handle a huge load or is it spanning tree.

I cant see why it can be spanning tree because it works on an empty switch...

Can someone please give advice on this .

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Re: spanning tree over wirless

Infact, both. and most likely it is spanning tree....

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