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spanning tree / redunant link catalyst 2950

I have a small network linking several 2950 switches via fibre connecting to a 12 port fibre switch "WS-C2912MF-XL" switch. All runs well and fast. Recently we puchased two Cisco Aironet wirless bridges. Using one 2950 as a cluster manager and the java plug in, I get to see a simple network diagram. When plugging in the aironets (although the cluster manager can not see them) I see the original fibre line changes red and becomes redundant. All traffic must move via aironet ? then after about 4 - 6 hours the network hangs .. users lose connection on lan and wan applications. I thought it would be a case of plugging in the aironets and the spanning tree in the 2950's would manage the rest. Do I need to start looking deeper - like VLANS or maybe IOS upgrade ? any ideas ?? many thanks in advance


Re: spanning tree / redunant link catalyst 2950

Appearently your stp configuration does not handle this setup correctly. In stp configs like yours, the 2912 should be the root of the spanning tree. If it is not, please reconfigure spanning tree by assigining a sufficiently low priority to the 2912.

(command: spanning-tree vlan XX prio 4096)

If this is changed, you will probably see that one of the ports that's connected to the wireless bridge will go into blocking state.

Besides al this, I cannot see the goal that you try to achieve with this setup. Wireless bridges are typically used to link two networks that are not otherwise connected and for redundancy I would never use a wireless connection if a wired one is available. Anyway, good luck with your setup



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