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spantree over lane.

How should one connect a standard catalyst campus when connecting to an atm core to other catalyst campus? We have dual 5500 catalyst each has lane modules that connect to our atm core. We isolated Vlan that serve the atm core. those vlan are not trunk between the 5500 fail over links. My question is do we enable spantree on the vlan which are our atm core vlan?

I have read plenty of documentation, but have not found any documentation pro or con for spantree on lane enable systems. Can you direct me to documentation on this subject. I have read your documentation call "troubleshooting spantree over lane" is there anything else. Also does can you go into a spantree loop over the atm elans?

can anyone provide information or guidance?

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Re: spantree over lane.

Try to think of the ATM cloud as an Ethernet segment. I can find no documentation but configuring STP over LANE is the same as configuring STP over an ISL trunk. Remember that LANE is just another method of trunking multiple VLANS, but with the added technology of mapping VLANs to ELANs. I don't fully understand your question, but if you have more than two switches links participating in your ATM core then yes you will need to enable STP for that ELAN/VLAN.


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