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specify source for modem firmware


I have a 2621 running IOS IP PLUS IPSEC56 12.2(7b) with a 8AM. I copied c3600-2600-analog-fw.1.2.2.bin to flash to upgrade the firmware, then reloaded.

When I do a show modem version I still get:

Slot 1:MCOM Analog Integrated Modem Firmware Version 1.2.8

Source: IOS

Boot firmware: 1.1.5

MIMIC firmware: 1.3.3

Modem firmware: 2.3.17

DSP firmware: 0.0.2

Shouldn't the source read the name of the flash file I copied there instead of the IOS? How can i make this work this way?

Thank you


Re: specify source for modem firmware

The router will automatically load the most recent version of firmware; in your case, the firmware that is bundled with the IOS (1.2.8) is newer than the firmware on flash (1.2.2), so it loads 1.2.8.

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Re: specify source for modem firmware

I sort of figured that, but thought there would still be a way to specify a different firmware. Ever since i loaded that newer version of the IOS, I have a user that can't connect to a number dialing out of the 8AM. Only 1 application is having this problem. The application says the modem is not responding(we're using dout utility). DUN works fine for connecting, but when using this particular app, the modem gets looped and i have to clear the line to make it free again.

Sorry to get off the subject, but is there any way to specify the firmware instead of using the newest?

Thank you.

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Re: specify source for modem firmware

Not on the 2600 as far as I know. I don't think you can do it for analog modems in the 3600 either, not 100% sure though.


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