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Splitting CW2000 modules

I want to split my CW2000 across two/three machines

This is how I am doing it. Machine A - RME,DFM,Cisco Secure and Machine B - CM ,IPM ,nGenius . (not sure if nGenius/Cisco secure shd. be separate ). My question to is , if I do it this way, would I have to log in to two machines to access these diff modules eg. If I am using CM and i then want to see RME, would I have to log out of machine B and then go to machine A.

I think there is a way to integrate them so to a user, it would be transparent to them that they are accessing differnt boxes and yet have access to all the modules through a single login.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated.


Re: Splitting CW2000 modules

CD-One is needed for all the apps to be installed first. What you're trying to do is not currently available, meaning to install CW2K modules separately and then login from on box to access other apps. I'd recommend to install Cisco Secure and RTM on separate boxes to make sure that you don't run into any performance issues.

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Re: Splitting CW2000 modules

There is a white paper available called CiscoWorks in Large Scale Network Enviornments that outlines different scenarios and some performance caveats.

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