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Splitting PRI channels

How can i Spilt ISDN E1 PRI channels

(which is ideally 30 channels x 64kbps )

into 15 Channels x 128kbps.??? I guess bu defining time-slots ??? pls advice/guide


New Member

Re: Splitting PRI channels

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you need to do. Is it that you need to make 15 different isdn connections at 128k to remote sites? If so configure your isdn for dialer profiles and do "dialer max-call 2" under your dialer profile config.

If this is not your requirement let us know.


New Member

Re: Splitting PRI channels

our objective is to make PRI to BRI connectivity between channelised PRI card of 3660 and cisco 803 routers.

We are able to connect from one cisco 803 against one of dialer profiles of 3660.....and facing

problem, in connecting the second cisco 803 to 2nd dialer profiles of 3660.


as soon i remove dialer pool 2 cmd from any of dialer interface......other one gets up easily........which is mapping to dialer pool-member 2 cmd under int serail2/0:15

and on other router when we try to connect....output of ' debug ip packet ' is ###encasulation failed####.............pls note its same result vice-versa.....which ever second one is ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Splitting PRI channels

Its just a matter of configuring the "dialer profile" correct on the router who is receiving call. Looks like you want to dilain bri at 800 routers into the 3600 router and wants total thruput of 128K..

Here is some config examples for you for dialing using bri into pri line and receiving router uses the dialer profile.

If that dosen't solve the issue, then following debug for a call along with sh run and sh ver

debug dialer

debug isdn q931

debug ppp negotiation

debug ppp authentication

will help to troubleshoot the issue more..


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