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SS7 linkset association failed

Hi all

when I polled out from standby supervisor(720-3BXL), I got  a some failed message from screen.

but the Active supervisor was working normal, so it was never any impact for all linkset.

At that time, why the specified linkset (SG10-STP4 and SG10-STP8) was unavailable to available?

%CS7MTP3-5-LINKUPDOWN: Link 1 in linkset SG10-STP4 is unavailable

%CS7M2PA-3-DESTADDRINA: Destination IP Address inactive for linkset:slc SG10-STP8:1

%CS7MTP3-3-LINKNOTUP: Link 1 in linkset SG10-STP4 failed. Reason=connection lost

%CS7MTP3-3-LINKNOTUP: Link 1 in linkset SG10-STP8 failed. Reason=remote disconnect

When the above message display on the screen? and which side made a problem?

I thought that the problem would be came from Remote site(STP4&8)

Please, open it my attachement file.

Thanks & Regards,

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