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Stable 12.2 IOS version

Looking for a stable 12.2 IOS version for my 3640 & 2621 router. For the 3640, we'll be doing policy based routing and load balancing/sharing. Any recommendation?


Re: Stable 12.2 IOS version

It would have to be the latest maintenance release which is currently 12.2(13).

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Re: Stable 12.2 IOS version

To choose a IOS for you is like a guess, because you dont tell want interfaces, routing or traffic you will run. If you mean load sharing/balancing, you proberbly mean the SLB (Server Load Balancing) feature which demands at least IP PLUS feature set.

You proberbly should run the software/hardware compablitiy matrix before choosing IOS. As Mr joytaylor wrote, the latest should be the most stable, but if you run into trouble (supported IF/NM/WIC), maybe you should check the 12.2.(8)T5.


Re: Stable 12.2 IOS version

As a general rule of thumb, if you're looking for maximum stability in an IOS release, you want the latest maintenance release of the oldest mainstream GD release which supports the features and hardware you plan to use. There are no "stable" 12.2 releases yet and there will never be any "stable" T-train releases. In production applications, I prefer an IOS which has been GD for at least a year, so I am just starting to feel comfortable with 12.1 :-]

Good luck and have fun!

Vincent C Jones

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