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stackwise cabling

I have a mental block and need help. I have 6 3750 switches on a stack. However, I only have .5 meter cables and because of cable management, I can't connect switch 6 back to switch 1 because of the short stackwise cable. As usual, I am out in the middle of nowhere and can'f find a 1 meter stackwise. Any help would be appreciated.



What is another way to cable these switches? I've tried a million different ways and can't figure it out. I hope that makes sends


Re: stackwise cabling

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the only way to create a stack properly is to have a stackwise connection between the first switch and the last switch. I am afraid you are just gonna have to wait for the rigth lenght of cable. Otherwide just create a stack of 5 switches and trunk the 6th switch using a gbic or cat-5.

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Re: stackwise cabling


Check out this link. It's configured in such a way that you don't need to connect the very top to the bottom but it is still redundant. Hope that helps.

Re: stackwise cabling

Good catch, I guess, I was wrong. there is a way to create a stack without connecting the 1st switch to the last switch in the stack.

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Re: stackwise cabling

thanks very much. I tried that with my stack of six and I am missing something. I'll keep on plugging away at it.

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