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New Member

Startup config LOST!

I was playing with the idea of upgrading the ios on my new catalyst 3560 switch..i dont know what i did wrong but now i cant save any change to the running configuration. When i say copy run start it gives me:

startup config-file open fail(not enough space)

im sure there is enough space. when i tried resetting the device it goes into intial setup mode but after choosing how i want the setup to configure, when it tries to save the config, it shows the same message..when i type show startup config the command returns nothing as well..any ideas??

Cisco Employee

Re: Startup config LOST!

Check to see if there are multiple sessions/telnets trying to access NVRAM. Do a sh users to check for this. If you have multiple telnet/console, disconnect all and then try to save config.

New Member

Re: Startup config LOST!

Here is a link for you,

I would start with the:

Working with the Flash File System section.

Displaying Available File Systems and check the amount of free memory in the file system in NVRAM. "show file systems"

If you have very little free memory, did you remove the old IOS after loading the new one?

Do a "dir /all"

Look for where your startup_config file is.

You will have to "cd" into the different directories.

Once you find it, do a "show file information"

Does it show if it is write protected?

You can rename it, startup_config_old

Then try to write the current running config.

One last question, did you load the same type of image for the switch, standard or enhanced

the the switch came with?

You can not go from standard to enhanced.

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