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Startup-config problems

When my 1721 router reloads or gets powered off and back on it does not load the startup-config. I've made sure I've copied the running-config to startup-config and made sure the check-register is set to what I think is correct. (0x2102). Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Startup-config problems

Most often it is the config-register value that make the router ignore the NVRAM. Since you have checked it to be 0x2102, you can check whether the configuration is really getting saved in the startup-config before re-booting. You can check the config-register value also before rebooting. I believe some routers store the startup-config in flash EEPROM instead of the NVRAM. So you can check whether it gets saved either in NVRAM or flash on your router. After rebooting, you can once again check whether the valid startup-config is still there as well as the config-register value. If the startup-config itself is not there, there could be some issue with either the NVRAM or flash. If the startup-config is there, but the router is not booting from it when config-register is set to 0x2102, it could be a hardware issue.

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