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New Member

Startup config tftp Backup

What would be the best method to generate a weekly automatic tftp startup config backup in a 2501 router. I need the back up to be an automatic process as vendors may be making changes to the customers router. If possible I would like to date each back up and keep an ongoing database of the backups

Cisco Employee

Re: Startup config tftp Backup

there is no inbuilt command in IOS to acheive this, you cannot automate backup to TFTP, but i am pretty sure some script can be written to do this eg using PERL etc (someone on this list might already have one????)


New Member

Re: Startup config tftp Backup

Thats what I suspected, and was also thinking that a pearl script might work. If anyone could help me out with that i would appreciate it, my scripting still needs some work.



New Member

Re: Startup config tftp Backup

Chuck - search the web for Perl Cisco TFTP or something like that. I know there are a lot of Perl scripts out there people have written which you can use to "automate" this.

I would think something like the following should work in a Perl script:

Telnet to router

Issue command-line syntax to initiate TFTP of config to TFTP server

exit telnet session

Look for config in directory where it should have downloaded

Perform some sort of date comparision on your file vs. the current date

If I run accross a specific script, I will post it out here for you.


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