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Static entry on Catalyst 3548


I have a customer who wants to connect Nortel equipment (8K) to 3548 Catalyst.

First problem: we are not able to see the MAC addres on 3548 port (we have tried also fixing speed/duplex ). So we have no IP connectivity for this equipment.

Second problem: Trying to define static mac with command:

mac-address-table static 0004.dc99.6bf4 FastEthernet0/3 vlan 20

Reviewving the show mac inter fast0/x , the mac above appears on all vlan 20 ports...but, this is not the behaviour needed.

Also, when a clear mac is made in order to clean the mac table, the comand mac-addres-table disappear from running config.

Any help should be appreciated??

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Re: Static entry on Catalyst 3548

Not quite enough information there an ip address assigned on both switches, what VLAN? are the cables used to connect these two devices straight-thru or crossover? THe mac address will not show up (usually) until an arp is sent. Once the arp is sent, the mac-address-table can be populated. Provide the rest of the information, and I will attempt to assist you...

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Re: Static entry on Catalyst 3548


Finally it was a Passport 8600 and customer wanted to connect the two supervisors to a Cat3548.

It seems that all is working fine if port is fixed to 100 full.

Thanks .

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