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Static NAT port entry for Dummies 101


I have a couple 3com superstack II connected to a Cisco UBR900 router at etherneted location. I was told to create a static NAT entry for some ports For uploading puposes I am completely clueless on how to do this, and so is the ISP (they're not much help at all) I was given this article.

The problem is I have no clue where to input this information or if I have to physcially do this to the router, or through software. I am just confused and have no experience with networking.

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Re: Static NAT port entry for Dummies 101

I need a little more info on exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking to enable telnet access via the web to these 3Com devices or do port address translation of some kind. As a general rule, if you are doing NAT, you need to configure the NAT address pool (if dynamic) or the inside/outside addresses (if static), assign an interface for the inside (ip nat inside) and the outside (ip nat outside). IP access lists are also useful in doing NAT for whole networks. This is all done while in config mode within the IOS. Router#(config)> prompt. Feel free to email me with questions (

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