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static route costs

If I have a static backup route that is being used to bring up my isdn if the serial goes down what cost should I use, I think the floating route has a cost of 100 at the moment, is this about right ?


Re: static route costs

Hi Carl,

It depends on the cost of routes on your serial for suppose you have ospf running for which the admin cost is 110 but for same destination you have static route with 100 , static route will be preferred.

I will say to have static route somewhere above 200 so that you can have static routes preferred only after serial goes down.

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Re: static route costs

is this even if I have no routing protocols on there ?

Re: static route costs

Carl, you can give a vlaue between 1-255. By default static route with next hop ip has a value of 1 and static route which is pointing to connected interfaces has a value of 0. So any value that you give to ther static route to make it floating should be greater than 1 in this case.

As pointed out by Ankur that if you have a route learned by routing protocol then the floating static route should have an admin distance vlaue greater than the routing protocol admin distance.

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-amit singh

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