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Status of a module is "other",what does it mean?


This night we had a problem with a WS-X6408A-GBIC module in our Cat6k chassis,the module resetted from itself without any reason.users could not connect anymore...

when is did show module,it stated "status other" and the software version mentioned was 0.00

very weird issue...when i manually resetted the module,everything was ok.

Anyone who has an idea?

Can't find Cisco's explanation for this.Should i replace the card?

Is the software running on the card corrupt?

Thanks for some advise.

Kind regards,



Re: Status of a module is "other",what does it mean?

"other" is not a good state obviously. The "other" comes about when the line card is not recognized by the sup for whatever reason. It is most likely that the line card is defective or had gone bad. You may try the following again, depending on what the 6K is running:

For CatOS:

set diaglevel complete

then re-seat the line card and after if comes up or not come up do a "show test x", if there is hadrware problem it will be noted by an "f" on the failed component. No otehr fix for this but to replace the line card.

For native IOS:

conf t

diagnostic bootup level complete

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