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Strange problem - need some suggestions

My Lotus notes admin gets error messages on the notes server

03/23/2006 02:43:15 PM Network error on port mail (session 28C00A3): The connection has timed out.

The server is connected to a 6509 port in VLAN1 with Portfast, BPDU-Filter and BPDU-Guard enabled.

This seems like a coincidence but the errors seem to correspond to when someone reboots another server on the switch in the VLAN1.

The other servers are configured the same, portfast, bpdu-guard, filter.

Spanning tree is running PVST+

I do not see ST reconverge though, when I do a show spantree stat x/x 1.

Does anyone have any ideas please ?

Apparently these errors have been occuring for at least a year, since before I started here.

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Re: Strange problem - need some suggestions

Sure sounds like an STP problem but with portfast turned on you shouldn't get any tcn's generated on a reboot. Could there be another NIC on the server connected to the 6500?

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Re: Strange problem - need some suggestions

Interesting that you say that, the Notes server does have 3 NIC's all in the same subnet and VLAN and connected to the 6509. I just checked their port config and all are portfast, bpdu-guard and bpdu-filter, so tcn's *should* not be a problem.

I have a NAM-1 in the 6509 and a packet capture running so hopefully I can get a better look at the problem.

Thanks for your response

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