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Strange TFTP error on 7206 switch

Hello everyone,

I have a 7206 router that displays some errors that read:

%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)

%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)

%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)

These errors appear constantly, even after loading new code on the switch and re-loading it several times. This is a newly configured switch that was just sitting in a closet. I checked bootvar, flash, startup-conf, and pretty much anywhere I could think of, and I was not able to find where is calling this TFTP. I do not know if it is coming from memory, and if it's I have no idea how to clear it.

Any idea/suggestions would greatly appreciated because these errors keep popping-up all the time.

Carlos T.CCNA

IBM Toronto Lab

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Re: Strange TFTP error on 7206 switch

That's autoconfiguration. You can disable it using the "no service config" command.

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Re: Strange TFTP error on 7206 switch

Hi Orlando,

Thank you very much. Issuing that command stop that nagging error message. I am a happy camper now :-)

On the other hand, I hope you do not mind If a throw at you another problem. Here it is:

Out of the 80 something switches in the farm there are a couple that log an error message that reads: " time-switch name-GigabitEthernet0/2 relearning 11 addrs per min 1." This is the topoly: 3500XL connected to 6513 (core router) via a Gigabit link, not-trunked. Then, off one of the Ethernet ports (FastEthernet 0/12) there is an AP. This port reports a similar error: " 1w2d: %RTD-1-ADDR_FLAP: FastEthernet0/12 relearning 6 addrs per minent. " Moreover, there are two switches (2900s) that daisy-chained from one of the other FastEthernet ports. So, no redundancy at all as far as I can see. As far as I can tell it seems that these two switches are the only ones which have APs connected to them. So, my questions are:

1) Is this error an indication of a STP loop? If it is, what should I do to fix it?

3) Is the AP the culprit. And if it is, is it working as designed?

4) If you answer "yes" to question "3", then why is happening to the Gigabit port, which is only connected to a core router and nothing else.

5) Could it be a faulty blade and/or switch ( I mean the 3500XL)

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

Carlos T. CCNA

IBM Toronto Lab Software

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