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Sun Gigaswift Cards and WS-X4418-GB Gig Modules

We recently installed Sun workstations that has Gigaswift Cards connected to WS-X4418-GB modules on 4006. If we reboot the sun machine it won't connect, We have to physically unplugged the fiber and plug it back in for it to work. I also noticed that you can't change the port speed and duplex setting on the gig Module. Has anybody seen this problem. I saw a link on cisco site that mentioned this but this was supposed to be fixed after version 5.1.1




Re: Sun Gigaswift Cards and WS-X4418-GB Gig Modules

hi gilbert,

have you followed the recommendations made in bug ID CSCdm38405, the bug you mentioned ?


ome multiplexed gigabit ports on Catalyst 4000 linecards do not reliably auto-

negotiate Ethernet operational modes with second hardware revisions of Sun's

gigabit adapters. This happens with Sbus Gigabit Ethernet NICs (P/N X1140A)

and PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC (P/N X1141A & P/N X2069A). The problem has been

reported on ports 3,4,7,8,11,12,15 and 16 on WS-X4418. The interoperability

issue has to do with the implementation of hardware auto-negotiation on both

devices. As a work-around, users should force each side to the desired pause

capability and turn off negotiation. On the Sun side, the pertinent commands


ndd -set /dev/ge adv_1000autoneg_cap 0 (turn auto-negotiation off)

ndd -set /dev/ge adv_1000hdx_cap 0 (no half-duplex)

ndd -set /dev/ge adv_pauseTX 0 (don't want to send pause frames)

ndd -set /dev/gs adv_pauseRX 1 (will receive pause frames)

(ndd -get /dev/ge \? prints out a list of parameters)

On the Catalyst 4000 the commands are:

set port negotiation disable (turn auto-negotiation off)

set port flowcontrol receive desired (default value)

set port flowcontrol send on (default value)

The default values for flow control on multiplexed Catalyst 4000 gigabit

ports are "on" for send and "desired" for receive. It is important that

devices connected to these ports receive and respond to pause frames to

prevent packet loss. It is best to leave the flowcontrol values

on the switch at their default values and configure the adapter to

receive pause frames (as shown above). Experimentation has shown the Sun

adapter responds correctly to pause frames if the links are forced to this



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Re: Sun Gigaswift Cards and WS-X4418-GB Gig Modules

Thanks for you reply. I do appreciate it very much. I will try the settings above. I even called cisco and the fix was to send me another module. Of course that did not fix the problem. I even found the bug myself. Again thanks.

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