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Sup 720 vs Sup II

I am looking to replace a core network with a new 6509 chassis. I am replacing a cabletron/enterasys ssr8600 16 slot switch/router. My question is: how much more value do i get with SUP 720 card vs Sup II. I want to take advantage of 10/100/1000 ae 48 port cards but not sure if I can justify costs. I see express forwarding but...


Re: Sup 720 vs Sup II

Well, you have to compare apples to apples. The SupII can come without a L3 engine (ie: MSFC2). The Sup720 comes with the MSFC3 built onto it no matter what. The cost difference between a SupII/MSFC2 vs. a Sup720 is not really that much, but the performance of a Sup720 is quite a bit higher.

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Re: Sup 720 vs Sup II

First off all , if you want to use 48 port 10/100/1000, which will require atleast 96Gb backplane.

If SUPII is used without SFM card(Switching Fabric Module) will give only 32Gb backplane, which can scale upto 256Gb with SFM.

SUP720 with inbuilt PFC3 and SFM will provide 720Gb backplane for non-blocking architecture.

Secondly the Port density with SUP720 is high compare to SUPII, as you get 2 extra slots for installing line cards (which would have been occupied with SFM)

Also SUP 720 support Accelerated CEF(ACEF)

Pls refer to bellow URL for more details:

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