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New Member

Sup32 from CATOS to IOS

I am about to begin a conversion from CATOS to IOS. I was wondering if I could do the following:

1: Use a new flash card, and format it in an NATIVE IOS Sup720

2: Put the correct code and configuration on it

3: Put it in the Sup32 and rebooted it

Would this then allow the Sup32 to boot up using IOS and not CATOS. I know I may have to copy the configuration from the flash to NVRAM but it seems like the quickest process, instead of the 30 minutes based on CCO documentation.


VIP Purple

Re: Sup32 from CATOS to IOS


I guess that should work, as long as you tell the supervisor to boot from flash:

set boot system flash device:[filename]

Once you tried that, can you post the results ?



Cisco Employee

Re: Sup32 from CATOS to IOS

Setting a boot variable in hybrid to point to Native IOS will not work. You will have to follow the CCO procedures the first time you convert from hybrid to Native.

New Member

Re: Sup32 from CATOS to IOS

I know you have to follow the method on CCO, but that seems to be if you are using the same flash. If I am replacing the flash, why would I have to do that. The configuration has to be re-created elsewhere. Just want to understand why this can't be done.

New Member

Re: Sup32 from CATOS to IOS

I actually just tried this and it workerd. I took a sup32 that was running CATOS. Put in a CF card that was formated in a SUP720 with the IOS image on it. Replaced the on-board CF card with the new one. The system booted and couldn't find and files. I put the boot variable in ROMMON mode and bam up and running. Just had to change the bootvar in IOS and create the new config. Much faster than doing two copies of a 76MB file.

New Member

Re: Sup32 from CATOS to IOS

So you guys know we did our upgrade last weekend and it was perfect. Swapping out the flashcards was very quick and worked with no issues. We upgraded 4 6509s from CATOS to IOS in about 40 minutes.

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