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sup32 vs sup720

We currently have a number of medium sized buildings (approx 500 users per site) with 4006 switches at the access layer dual connected back to a pair of 6500 switches.

Most of our apps are located in two data centres so there are vey few local servers.

The 6500's have dual Sup1a's in them and we are looking to upgrade to either Sup32's or Sup720's. The Sup32's seem to be used primarily in the access layer and the 720's in the core.

I'm looking for opinions/experiences as to the pros and cons of each Supervisor in this scenario. Would Sup32's do the job or should we be looking to go with 720's.

Any insights much appreciated.


Re: sup32 vs sup720

sup32 offers feature consistency with the sup720 as it comes with PFC3B as well as being field upgradeable to support hardware L4-7.(postFCS)

you'll need the highSpeedFanTray for the chassis as well as a 2500W for the 6,9,13 slot chassis.

must use slot 5 or 6 in 6/9 slot chassis. (no switch fabric, 15mpps)

sup32 is geared more toward an edge switch. sup720 at distribution and D-Fsup720 in core.

alot of the same features with a few limitations and some blades wont work:

WS-X67XX, WS-X68XX, SFM, DFC-based cards; all will not work with sup32.

see this link for more info:

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