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Support for new devices

We have recently purchased Cat 2950 switches.

It is not a problem updating CISCO View to support the new device types.

Is it also possible to update the LAN manager and the ressource essentials so that the new switches shows up correctly, or do I have to purchase an upgrade to my CISCO Works ??


Re: Support for new devices

Since you haven't mentioned the version details of RME/Campus Manager, I'm assuming that it's RME 3.3/Campus Manager 3.1?. If so, then according to:, RME 3.3 only supports the following models of 2950: 2950-12, 2950-24, 2950C, 2950-48. Campus Manager 3.1 do not support 2950s at all.

RME 3.4/Campus Manager 3.2 is now available and you can upgrade if you want to. Campus 3.2 supports 2950-12, 2950-24, 2950C-24, 2950T-24, 2950G-24 and so does RME 3.4

New Member

Re: Support for new devices

Where can I find the upgrade files for RME 3.4. ?

I have RME 3.2 and some of the devices managed by RME appear as "Generic SNMP Device". I believe this is related to the lack of support for c1751, c76xx and some c26xx on RME 3.2. Am I correct?

To upgrade do we have to buy a new copy of RWAN or may we simply upgrade using files downloaded from the CCO?

Thank you.


Re: Support for new devices

RME 3.4 is not available as a download from CCO. See: for details on how to order the upgrade.

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