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Hi there,

I get a Catalyst 3550T connected with a Catalyst 1900 switch. ISL trunk has been congfiured between these them. The Catalyst 3550T is configured as VTP version 2 client mode, while the Catalyst 1900 is configured as VTP version 1 transparent mode. Now I an error message from Catalyst 3550T as below:

"5w5d: %SW_VLAN-4-VTP_USER_NOTIFICATION: VTP protocol user notification: Version

1 device detected on Gi0/6 after grace period has ended"

May I ask what's the meaning of above error message, and how to fix it?

many thanks




Here are some info from CCO:

1. %SW_VLAN-4-VTP_USER_NOTIFICATION: VTP protocol user notification: [chars]

The VTP protocol code has encountered an unusual diagnostic situation.

Recommended Action: Copy the error message exactly as it appears on the console or in the system log, contact your Cisco technical support representative, and provide the representative with the gathered information.

Related documents: No specific documents apply to this error message.

Here are some info about VTP:

VTP version 1 and VTP version 2 are not interoperable on switches in the same VTP domain. Every switch in the VTP domain must use the same VTP version. Do not enable VTP version 2 unless every switch in the VTP domain supports version 2.

VTP version 2 is disabled by default on VTP version 2-capable switches. When you enable VTP version 2 on a switch, every VTP version 2-capable switch in the VTP domain enables version 2. You can only configure the version on switches in VTP server or transparent mode.

But Catalyst 1900 supports VTP version 1 only, so if you want this switch to

participate in the same VTP domain, you have to revert back to VTP version 1.

Hope this helps.

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