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Hi All,

I have 2 ports on my current 3560-Sw connected to a Microwave device, The ports were set to trunks & they are part of port channel to load balance data traffic. (Purely layer 2 Vlans).

Now my issue is, the ports most of the time went to err-disable state, when I issue (shutdown) & (no-shutdown) commands, it works...

What could be the cause of this issue??

Appreciate your feedback,

Cisco Employee

Re: switch-port

Hi Friend,

There are few reasons why the switport goes into errdisable like dtp-flap, gbic-invalid, link-flap, and pagp-flap.

A cause (dtp-flap, gbic-invalid, link-flap, and pagp-flap) is the reason why the error-disabled state occurred. When a cause is detected on an interface, the interface is placed in error-disabled state, an operational state similar to link-down state. If you do not enable errdisable recovery for the cause, the interface stays in the error-disabled state until you enter the shutdown and no shutdown interface configuration commands. If you enable the recovery for a cause, the interface is brought out of the error-disabled state and allowed to retry the operation again when all the causes have timed out.

Use the errdisable detect global configuration command to enable error disable detection.

Check this link for more details




Re: switch-port

What is reason of err-disable state (should it be in log)

you can turn off err-disable with command:

no errdisable detect cause all (or select your cause)

or you can turn on errdisable recovery with command:

errdisable recovery cause all (or select your cause)


Hope that helps rate if it does

Re: switch-port


Check this URL for possible reasons for the err-disable state.

For this scenario you should use LACP (802.3ad)

Check whether your microwave device supports LACP.

Check out this URL for guidelines to follow while configuring etherchannel.

Hope this helps.


Re: switch-port

Hi All,

Thank you all, I have done the recovery commands, it works fine but I have one last inquiry;

I noticed it recovers the (err-disabled) ports after about 2 minuites or some thing;

Is there any way to make it recovers very fast?



Re: switch-port


Use command "errdisable recovery interval x"

where x is time to recover from a error-disable cause.

Minimum is 30 seconds

Hope this helps

Cisco Employee

Re: switch-port

Hi Friend,

The link which I pasted in my previous post explain your requirement.

Check this out again and check the section and explaination for interval section.



Re: switch-port


I am very greatful,

Appreciate your quick response,

Thanks Again.

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