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switch routing question

We have a LAN with a catalyst 3550 EMI configured with four vlans. The LAN also has a catalyst 2948 and a 2950, both are layer 2 switches with a fiber gigabyte connection to the 3550.




2948----------| |--------------2950

Trunking has been enabled and the layer 2 switches have been configured with the vlans as well. I am able to ping a vlan port on the 2848 switch from the 2950 switch going through the catalyst 3550, so trunking is working okay. The only vlan ports that can ping the gateway and access the Internet are ports on the 3550. Is there any way to configure the 2950 and 2948 switches so that the vlan ports on those switches can have access to the Internet? Or do I have to have layer 3 switches throughout the LAN to give all the vlans Internet access?


Re: switch routing question

Have you configured a VLAN interface (e.g., int vlan100) for each VLAN on the 3550? If so, can hosts on the 2900 switches ping their respective VLAN interface on the 3550? If I understand what you're trying to do correctly, these VLAN interfaces on the 3550 should each be assigned an IP address which will act as the default gateway for the respective devices on the 2900 switches. For example, if VLAN 100 is subnet, you'd give the VLAN100 interface an IP in that range (e.g. and configure each host in VLAN100 to use that IP as its default gateway. Then the 3550 should route Internet-bound packets to the gateway.

The following may help:

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Re: switch routing question

Thank you, from your response I was able to see that the gateway on the workstation was set incorrectly.

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