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Switched networks and hubs

On a switched network does anyone know of any problems with the following:

A Cat 2950 connected to a Cat 4006 with fiber. The Cat 2950 has a 1720 router attached with no ip routing but bridging with DEC protocol. The port the 1720 is attached to on the 2950 has spanning-tree turned off. The 1720 has a Pairgain on its serial port connecting to another Pairgain at another site. The second site has a 1720 router with same config as first. Attached to the 2nd 1720 is a FastHub 400 feeding connections in that building.

The connections are using an exsisting VLAN.

Thanks for any help or forseen problems we might have!!

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Re: Switched networks and hubs

If you are forgoing any layer 3 networking at all, you will definitely want to use this only temporarily, otherwise you’ll be broadcasting everything across a WAN leg. Also, unless you have a good reason, turn spanning tree on.

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