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Switches Configuration - 3508, 2950

This is a new network infrastructure, only involved with switches. 3 sites are being setup, namely Main, sitea ad siteb.

Switches being used include 3508 as core switch, supporting 8 optic fibre gbic modules; 2950-24-en supporting 24 10/100 ports and 2 gbic modules; 2950-24 supporting 24ports 10/100.

On the Main site, 1x3508 as core, 1x2950-24-en (with 2 gbic modules) as distribution, 3x2950-24 as access switches.

on sitea and siteb, 1x2950-24-en (with 2 gbic modules) as distribution and 3x2950-24 as access switches.

I am thinking having vlans assignment, and all the sites sharing the same vlans. That means if I configured port 1 is vlan 2, all the sites should having the same configuration on the switches, and then only the desktops that connected to port 1 can talk to each other.

How should I go about from here to configure switches like core, distribution and as well as access switches.

Appreciate for help!

Thank in advance


Re: Switches Configuration - 3508, 2950

If all the switches are in the same vlan, it is still a flat network no matter if the physicall configuration is hierchical. If you segment each site by vlan, the devices you have are not enough since they are all L2 only devices which means you will not have intervlan connecitivity, for that you need L3 devices. However, if there are no need for each vlan to talk to another vlan then you what you planned to have a hierchical topology is sufficient.

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