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Switching and routing without modification to packets


I have some systems on a new network that we are designing that have problems in their stack. these systems do not understand packets after they have been routed by a router or tagged by a switch configured with VLANs because the packets are changed when routing and tagged switching (802.1Q). In other words, if a packet from a source machine has been manipulated during transmission, the destination machine does not understand the packet. In this case the only network resolution seems to be a bridged environment but this does not fit into the overall network design. My question to you is... does Cisco have a routing/L3 switch device that can move a packet from one LAN or VLAN to another and does not add routing or tagging information to the packet or maybe a device that removes the routing or tagging information once the packet has reached the other LAN or VLAN? As it turns out, one of Cisco's competitors, Avaya, has a product that uses their proprietary technology called "Easy-to-Route" which adds the routing information to the packet but once the packet makes it ot the other network it strips away the routing information leaving only the original packet. This works with my system but I would rather use Cisco hardware so I am asking this question.

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Re: Switching and routing without modification to packets

we don't add any routing information (it is just regular ethernet packet). you should not be trunking to a end-client anyway. We remove the dot1q tag if the port is configurd as an access-port. we have to change the source mac-address from the src workstation to that of the router if routed to a different vlan as that is "standard" practice so that the packet can reach the destination and come back.

Please describe more on what your systems don't like about the packet.

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