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Syslog in cisco6006


I am facing a problem in cisco 6006, cisco 4006 and cisco 2950 switches and where i am unable to log messages to the ciscoworks 2000 server. The same situation is also for cisco 1538 hubs. But i am able to log messages generated from cisco 3548 switches. The configuration done in cisco 6006 and ciso 4006 are shown below for syslog messges.set

logging server enable

set logging server x.x.x.x

set logging history 500

What else i have to do to get the syslog messages.

We have a NMS with HP openview Network Node Manager. It is integrated with ciscoworks 2000. NNM will generated reports reg the cpu utilization in the cisco systems. It is generating reports for all cisco 3548 switches. But it is not doing the same for cisco 6006 and cisco 4006 switches. Is there any correlation between between the above said problems. Kindly help me in sorting out this problem.

thanz in advance


Re: Syslog in cisco6006


there is a difference between IOS based switches (3548) and CatOS based (4006).

On CatOS there are more parameters to play with.

Here is a step-by-step manual:

And this is what I'm using on my 4006:

set logging server enable

set logging server w.x.y.z

set logging level mcast 4 default

set logging level ip 4 default

set logging level snmp 4 default

set logging level spantree 6 default

set logging level sys 6 default

set logging server severity 6

sh logging

Logging buffer size: 500

timestamp option: enabled

Logging history size: 1

Logging console: enabled

Logging telnet: enabled

Logging server: enabled


server facility: LOCAL7

server severity: information(6)

Current Logging Session: enabled

Facility Default Severity Current Session Severity

------------- ----------------------- ------------------------

cdp 4 4

dtp 5 5

dvlan 2 2

earl 2 2

ethc 5 5

filesys 2 2

gvrp 2 2

ip 4 4

kernel 2 2

mcast 4 4

mgmt 5 5

mls 5 5

protfilt 2 2

pruning 2 2

qos 3 3

radius 2 2

security 2 2

snmp 4 4

spantree 6 6

sys 6 6

tac 2 2

tcp 2 2

telnet 2 2

tftp 2 2

udld 4 4

vmps 2 2

vtp 2 2

0(emergencies) 1(alerts) 2(critical)

3(errors) 4(warnings) 5(notifications)

6(information) 7(debugging)



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Re: Syslog in cisco6006


thanz for ur reply. I have done it by making the server severity to informational (6). It is working fine now. I have cisco works cd one 3rd edition. I am unable to view the cisco 6006 and cisco 4006 switches thro ciscoview. But i am able to view cisco 3548 and cisco 2950 switches. The error stated for cisco 6006 and cisco 4006 is that the snmp timed out and check the connectivity with the device. I am able to ping and telnet from the management station.

how can i view cisco 6006 and cisco 4006 with the third edition cdone. Can I go for 5th edition cdone. I have HPopenview NNM integrated with ciscoworks 2000. Will there be any impact on NNM after upgradation. help me plz..

I have no cco login id(only guestid i have) kindly give me links which doesnt needed cco login.

expecting ur reply.

Re: Syslog in cisco6006


here is the URL

Regarding 4006 and 6006 problem:

Are you able to get the info to your HP OV NNM through SNMP? What is the output when you try to check SNMP connectivity from the CiscoWorks station (try RME -> Administration -> Inventory -> Check Device Attributes)?

Also check the SNMP part of the switch config:

set snmp community read-only your-community-string

should be there and also check IP permit part:

set ip permit CW2000-IP-address snmp

should be there (or it shouldn't be a part of any denied addresses at least).

Last but not least: what CatOS version are you running?



Community Member

Re: Syslog in cisco6006


thanz for ur timely help. Yes, I am able to get the OK for check device attributes of cisco 6006 and cisco 4006 switches. When I test snmp from HP openview for cisco 6006 and cisco 4006 the results are OK. I had community strings properly configured. As far as the permit ip parts are concerned, we have not used it. That means we have not denied any ip address. Is there any default ip denial configuration. If it is needed, I can go with it.The version used in 6.1(1b). Kindly revert me for further clarification. expecting your reply and help.

Re: Syslog in cisco6006

Well, it seems not to be a SNMP problem.

If you don't use IP permit list, you don't need to care about it, everything is allowed by default.

Another idea:

There are some special files with "cv" in the file name available on CCO Software Center. If you add them to your 4006 flash and "set ip http server enable", you are able to manage the switch via your browser even without CiscoWorks (I've tested it, it just requires some Java plugins in your browser). These files are called "Ciscoview files". Also for 6006 there are images described as "Catalyst 6000 Supervisor and Ciscoview ADP Flash Code" with "cv" in their file names.

I know these files are NOT necessary for the latest CiscoView to work with 4006. But they might be necessary for the older CiscoView versions. I'm not sure, I haven't found any detailed explanation in Release Notes about the exact role of these files.

But I'd recommend to test them on some testing device. I've noticed sometimes it's necessary to enable http server and disable it two times to make it working. But be carefull, there is a bug: if you make it too fast, your flash becomes non-accessible and you have to reload the switch.



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