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syslog + ipt system

Hi, we've had a need to monitor all incoming calls so that we can go back and see caller number and called number in case of an outage so that missed faxes can be tracked back.

Using syslog, I've been able to log these calls in the following format using Kiwi...

date time Local7.Info x.x.x.x 355864: *May 31 14:53:10: %ISDN-6-DISCONNECT: Interface Serial0/0/0:2 disconnected from xxxxxxxxxx , call lasted 395 seconds

In all cases, this is only showing the phone number of the external caller, regardless of whether we called them or they called us.

Since we need to know who they were trying to reach, we need the internal user to show in this information too, which I can see using a debug isdn q931 command on the gateway itself.

Any ideas? Is there a way to extend the data that is provided by syslog or do I need to go a different route?

We're using a 3825 gateway and to sum all this up, my question is, can I get syslog to tell me more? Thanks.

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Re: syslog + ipt system


I have not done this on 3825 but I have configured some similar things on 5350s. On those routers there is a feature called caltracker which would put the detail into a syslog message. Is that feature available on your 3825? If so it may give you what you are looking for.



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Re: syslog + ipt system

the calltracker command isn't available on the 3825. Thanks for the response though, I'll hunt around for an IOS that might include it.

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