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Syslog question

Is it possible to somehow log the commands entered on a Cisco router 3825 to a syslog server. I've got syslog logging set up on the router, but even when I set the level to "Debugging", it doesn't show the commands entered. I can only see when someone exits out of "config terminal". We need to implement command auditing.



Re: Syslog question

No, there really is no way to do real-time command logging.

Your best shot there is to either turn on capture from the terminal program, or set a management platform to watch for console messages (like exiting from config-t) and do a "diff" or similar on the configs to see what's been changed (if anything).

I supppose you could install an intermediate system; one that is set up to be the only system permitted (by ACL) to access the router(s) by telnet /SSH, then "T" or shim the system to capture the bidirectional traffic to the router (and into your logs)... basically a Telnet Proxy to the routers.

There's probably another couple ways to handle your situation ... this is all that comes to mind for me right now.

Good Luck



Re: Syslog question

You will probably need to set up AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) and use ACS.

The ACS will log all the information you are looking for.

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Re: Syslog question

Nadim is right that the accounting function of aaa provides this functionality very well. At a customer site where I do a lot of work we use this on all our routers and it is very effective. I am not aware of any way to do this with syslog.



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