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T1/E1 Interface Setup (MC3810)

I have an MC3810. Hardware is as follows:

*2 serial ports

*1 T1/E1 MFT

*1 T1/E1 DVM

* Ethernet Port 0 (LAN)

I want to use the T1/E1 MFT (WIC) contoller with the built-in CSU for our frame relay connection and not the serial ports. I have setup the controller as follows:

controller T1 1

framing esf

linecode b8zs

fdl ansi

My question is, does this have an interface configuration mode? The available interfaces are E0, S0 and S1 and I need to setup encapsulation but don't see the option for it in the T1/E1 controller config mode. Is there something I'm suppose to enable to allow for this? For each serial port I can enter into controller and interface config mode. IOS is 12.2. I saw something on service-module config but couldn't tell it would solve the issue

thanks in advance,


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Re: T1/E1 Interface Setup (MC3810)

Troy, I think you need to add a channel-group under the T1 to make the serial interface show up. Greg


Re: T1/E1 Interface Setup (MC3810)

Troy - controller t1 1 is the DVM and can only be used for connecting to a PBX, not for the WAN. You want to configure controller t1 0 as below:

controller t1 0

framing esf

linecode b8zs

clock source line

channel-group 0 timeslots speed 64

Once you do this, the show run will show you serial 0:0 interface which you can then configure for IP address / L2 encapsulation etc..

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Re: T1/E1 Interface Setup (MC3810)

Thanks! The inital hardcopy of the documentation was wrong. They had the two controller descriptions reversed. This is definately a big help.



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